Best Homemade Food For Pregnant Cats: 3 Easy Recipes

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Alright, cat lovers, listen up! We all know how special our feline friends are, especially when they’re expecting their tiny bundles of joy. That’s right – we’re talking about pregnant cats! And just like us humans, these mommas-to-be deserve some extra TLC when it comes to their food.

Forget the store-bought kibble for a while, because today, we’re dishing out some purr-worthy homemade treats that will make your pregnant cat’s taste buds sing with joy! It’s time to cook up a storm in the kitchen and show your furry queen she’s cherished like never before.

1. Sardine Recipe

We’ve got a feline-tastic treat in store for your whisker-toting buddies. Say hello to a homemade concoction that’ll have your cat purring for more – the Sardine Sensation!


  • 1 can of sardines in water
  • ¼ cup of diced, steamed carrot
  • 1 cooked egg yolk
  • 2 teaspoons of chicken broth

Cooking Up Kitty Magic:

Gather your kitchen gear and prepare to create a gourmet meal that will have your cat’s taste buds dancing!

  1. Mix & Mingle: Open up that can of sardines (watch your fingers, the kitties can’t wait!). Drain the water and toss the fishy goodness into your blender or food processor.
  2. Veggie Vibes: Add the steamed carrot chunks to the mix. These little orange wonders will add a hint of sweetness and a whole lot of nutrients to the blend.
  3. Yolk it Up: Drop in the cooked egg yolk, velvety and rich, to give the mixture an extra creamy texture that’ll leave your cat licking her whiskers in satisfaction.
  4. The Broth Bonus: Splash in those two teaspoons of chicken broth, a savory addition that ties all the flavors together. Your cat won’t be able to resist the aromatic allure!
  5. Blend ‘n’ Bond: Seal the lid and blend away until everything becomes a smooth, tantalizing blend that even the pickiest of felines won’t be able to resist.

Time to Tantalize:

Voila! Your Sardine Sensation is ready to wow your feline friend. Serve it up fresh, and watch her tuck into her very own culinary creation. The purrs of delight will be music to your ears!

Feline Feasting: When & Where:

You may wonder, “How long can I spoil my kitty with this delightful dish?” Well, we’ve got the scoop! Serve it right away and watch your cat savor every bite. Or, if your feline diva decides to take a pawse, you can store the leftovers in the fridge for up to four days.

2. Chicken and Beef Recipe

Are you ready to treat your pregnant feline royalty to a meal fit for a meow-velous queen? We’ve got just the recipe to make her taste buds dance with joy! So, let’s dive right in and create a purr-fectly delightful dish that’ll have your fur baby meowing for more!


  • 400g cooked boneless chicken thigh
  • 400g cooked beef
  • ¼ cup grated zucchini
  • 1 teaspoon fish oil
  • 1 tablespoon chicken broth


  1. First things first – gather all your ingredients and let’s start whisking up some magic! Get that cooked boneless chicken thigh and beef ready for action!
  2. Take your blender or food processor and toss in the meat and grated zucchini. Time to create a delightful meaty blend that’ll leave your pregnant cat’s palate dancing!
  3. Now, pour this scrumptious mix into a bowl. We’re not done yet; the secret ingredients are yet to be added!
  4. Grab that fish oil and drizzle it over the blend, ensuring every morsel is infused with omega-3 goodness. Your kitty’s coat will be gleaming like a shining star!
  5. Ah, here comes the crowning touch – the chicken broth! One tablespoon of this savory liquid gold, and your homemade delight is nearly complete.
  6. Give it all a good mix! You want that smooth, creamy consistency that’ll make your pregnant cat swoon with every lick.
  7. Ready to serve! Make sure it’s at room temperature, so your feline queen can enjoy her regal feast in utmost comfort.
  8. Oh, but if she can’t gobble it all up in one go (though we won’t be surprised if she does!), store the leftovers in the fridge. They’ll stay purr-fresh for up to three days, just in case her majesty wants a royal encore!

3. Beef Recipe


  • 400g beef
  • 8g ground eggshell
  • ¼ cup spinach
  • 2 tablespoons of beef broth


  1. Begin by chopping the beef into small, kitty-friendly pieces. Pop them into a pot and let them simmer away for a few minutes, making sure they’re cooked to purr-fection.
  2. Time to blend it all together! Take out your trusty blender or food processor and toss in the beef, ground eggshell, spinach, and those two tablespoons of flavorful beef broth. Now, let the blending magic happen until everything’s blended smoothly, ready to make your cat’s taste buds dance.
  3. Allow the yummy concoction to cool down to room temperature. Remember, our fur babies are quite sensitive to hot food, so we want them to enjoy this treat without any discomfort.
  4. It’s serving time! Present the beefy delight to your feline friend and watch the tail wags and whisker twitches of delight. Ah, the joy of being a cat chef!
  5. Any leftovers? No worries! Pop them into the fridge and they’ll keep purr-fresh for up to four days. You can always treat your kitty to more of this tasty goodness later.

Nutritional Needs for a Pregnant Cat

Just like us, when we’re expecting, our bodies crave extra nutrients to support the growth of our precious little ones. Well, guess what? Our furry feline friends, the pregnant cats, aren’t any different! When a cat’s carrying those tiny, adorable kittens-to-be, her nutritional needs skyrocket.

You see, a pregnant cat isn’t only nourishing herself but also those developing bundles of fur. So, let’s dive into what these beautiful moms-to-be require for a healthy, happy journey!

1. Protein Power: Fueling Kitten Growth!

Proteins play a critical role in the formation of kitten cells. So, when choosing the perfect protein source for your preggo cat, aim for high quality and easily digestible options. Pawsome choices include chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs – all packed with the protein punch to keep those kittens growing strong.

2. Rocking Calcium and Phosphorus: Building Strong Bones!

For healthy bone development, calcium and phosphorus are the dynamic duo. And during pregnancy, they’re needed in even higher amounts. Let your kitty munch on dark leafy greens to get her calcium fix, while meat and poultry are top-notch phosphorus providers.

3. Fantastic Fats: Nurturing Nervous Systems!

Fat is a true friend to those adorable furballs growing inside the cat mom’s belly. It provides essential energy and helps their nervous systems develop beautifully. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are stellar choices to keep those fats flowing.

4. Vitamin Bonanza: Fueling Rapid Growth!

With their bodies rapidly growing, pregnant cats hunger for more vitamins and minerals. One superstar nutrient is folic acid, which plays a crucial role in preventing congenital disabilities. Leafy green veggies like broccoli and spinach are gold mines for this essential vitamin.

5. H2O Hero: Quenching that Thirst!

Hydration is vital for a preggo cat, just like it is for us during pregnancy. Keep that water bowl filled to the brim because a pregnant cat needs twice as much water as her non-pregnant counterparts. Fresh and clean water is the secret to keeping your fur mama happy and healthy.

What to Consider Before Making Homemade Food for Pregnant Cats

Planning to whip up some homemade goodness for your expecting furball? Pawsome! But, before you put on that apron and start cooking, let’s go over some essential points to keep in mind for a purr-fectly safe and nutritious dining experience.

Vet Check: First Things First!

Reach out to your veterinarian before embarking on this culinary adventure. Your vet can provide valuable insights and ensure that homemade food is the right fit for your pregnant cat’s health and dietary needs.

Quality Ingredients: The Cat’s Meow!

When it comes to your fur baby’s meals, top-notch ingredients are the key to success. Opt for fresh, high-quality components to ensure a delightful and nourishing feast.

Cook with Care: Safety First!

Whiskers up! Cooking the food properly is vital to steer clear of any food safety concerns. Make sure everything is cooked to perfection before serving it up to your kitty queen.

The Dangers of Overfeeding: Handle with Care!

While pampering your pregnant cat with love and treats is tempting, overfeeding can have serious consequences for both mom and her precious kittens. Overindulging can lead to weight gain, and an overweight pregnant cat might encounter health issues such as diabetes or complications during birthing.

The Balance is Key

Your pregnant cat’s meals should strike a perfect balance between fulfilling her nutritional needs and avoiding overindulgence.

Remember: Purr-fection Takes Time!

Making homemade food for your pregnant cat is an awesome way to show your love, but don’t forget the kitty manners. Gradually introduce these new meals to her diet, giving her tummy time to adjust. And hey, every cat is unique, so her preferences may differ from what we’ve suggested.

Keep an eye on her, and if you notice any tummy troubles or changes in behavior, it’s time for a vet check-up. Pregnant cats need extra care, and your feline BFF deserves only the best.


How Much to Feed a Pregnant Cat?

Ah, pregnancy – a time of cravings and extra munchies! Just like us, pregnant cats need a bit more food to cater to their growing needs. But how much more precisely? Well, that depends on a few factors, my feline-loving friend.

The Tail of Factors: Weight, Stage, and Activity!

To dish out the perfect portions, consider your cat’s weight, where she’s at in her pregnancy journey, and how active she is. These furry influencers play a part in determining just how much she should be nibbling on.

Portion Power: Satisfying Kitty Tummies!

As a rule of paw, pregnant cats should be treated to about 2 to 4 times their usual food intake. A little extra something-something for their hungry tummies! But remember, every cat is unique, so consulting your veterinarian is the savvy way to find the paw-fect portion for your expectant queen.

The Expert’s Nod: Vet Consultation!

When it comes to your precious fur mama’s dietary needs, there’s no one better to consult than the expert vet. They’ll take all those special cat-factors into account and tailor a feeding plan that’s just right for your pregnant kitty.

When to Feed a Pregnant Cat?

When it comes to pregnant cats, small and frequent meals are the cat’s meow! These little servings sprinkled throughout the day work wonders in keeping their energy up and avoiding nutrient overload.

Mealtime Minis: Why It’s the Purr-fect Choice!

1. Nutrient Control: Offering small meals helps maintain a healthy balance of nutrients for the expectant cat. It prevents overwhelming their systems and ensures they get just what they need to nourish themselves and those tiny kittens-to-be.

2. Energizing Boost: Pregnancy can be a demanding time for our furry mommas, and these mini-meals provide a steady stream of energy to keep them active and content.

3. Comfort and Wellness: Smaller portions are easier on their tummies, helping to reduce the risk of any digestion discomfort during this sensitive period.

What Should I do if my Pregnant Cat Stops Eating?

When your pregnant cat loses her appetite, it’s a meow-signal to take action! Don’t delay; reach out to your veterinarian pronto. A loss of appetite in a pregnant cat might not be just a passing phase. It could be a subtle sign of an underlying problem, and early detection can make a world of difference in her recovery.

Can I Feed my Pregnant Cat Tuna?

While tuna can be a delightful treat for your pregnant fur mama, it’s best not to make it a regular part of her diet. Why? Well, the high mercury content in tuna might not be the best buddy for those tiny, growing kittens.

Tuna Tips: Making Smart Choices!

1. The Mercury Worry: Mercury levels in tuna can pose risks to those precious developing kittens. So, moderation is key to keep them safe and sound.

2. Opt for Water-Packed: If you do offer tuna to your pregnant cat, make it a special occasion and choose canned tuna packed in water. This way, you reduce any unnecessary additives and give her a healthier treat.

3. Vet Talk: The Kitty Expert!

Any concerns about feeding tuna to your preggo cat? Pawsitively talk to your veterinarian! They’re the cat-savvy pros who can guide you on the best choices for her diet during this special time.

Can a Pregnant Cat Eat Kitten Food?

Yes, you heard that right – kitten food is on the menu! Many veterinarians recommend this delightful choice for pregnant cats. Kitten food is high in protein and calories, providing the essential support needed for those growing little furballs.

Do Pregnant Cats Need Special Food?

Not always. Most of the time, sticking to their regular diet is A-OK. However, there are scenarios where a special diet may be needed. For instance:

1. Multiple Kittens: If your cat is expecting a bundle of kittens, she may need a higher-calorie diet to nurture their growth.

2. Medical Conditions: In cases where your cat has a medical condition that calls for a special diet, maintaining that diet during pregnancy may be necessary.

Can a Pregnant Cat Eat Catnip?

Oh, and a word of caution – let’s not add catnip to the menu for our pregnant cats. Catnip can lead to uterine contractions, and that’s no paw-sitive situation. To avoid any risk of premature labor, keep catnip away during pregnancy.

Wrapping Up: Mama Cat Approved!

So, there you have it, fellow cat enthusiasts – some pawsitively purr-fect homemade food ideas for your pregnant queen. From sardines to chicken and beef, you can cater to her royal tastes with a little culinary creativity.

Remember, she’s not just a cat; she’s a mom-in-the-making, and it’s time to pamper her like the queen she is. Serve up these yummy dishes, watch her contented purrs, and revel in the joy of taking care of your pregnant cat in the most delicious way possible!

Go on, embrace your inner chef, and let your fur baby experience the homemade delights she truly deserves. Because when it comes to her and her little bundles of joy, only the very best will do. Happy cooking, and happy purr-egnancy to your extraordinary feline friend!

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